Production Planner for Manufacturing and Testing

- Planning, preparing, designing and caretaking of the process of manufacturing and testing while considering known procedures and timetables. Calculating the number of machinery and equipment with a variety of functions.

- General and detailed planning of warehouse, materials-handling, and supply technology.

- Keeping Ergonomics, assembly and manufacturing and business administration knowledge in mind.

- Determine crucial manufacturing and testing capacities. Conduct target-actual comparison.

- Creation of a workpiece-specific product concept catalogue and basis of decision-making.

- Requesting and comparing offers as well as clearing and supervising the ordering procedure.

- Compare prices, show alternatives, create and review timelines as well as making sure to stay on schedule. Calculate the amount of needed workforce, update the technical documents. Review approval and due dates.

- Coordination of job processing as well as controlling costs and deadlines.

- Support with creating and updating layouts of machinery and equipment.

- Support with the selection and approval of new machinery and equipment.

- Holding responsibility for approval and changing of new machinery and equipment.

- Support the process of optimizing procedures. (KVP)

- Conduct feasibility analysis for the processes of assembly and manufacturing.

- Communication partner to the producers of machinery and equipment. Communication with the suppliers of machinery.

- Completed studying one of the following or a similar subject: machine engineering, manufacturing engineering, engineering economics.

- 5 years of experience with planning and / or production.

- Experience in planning manufacturing lines, experience in resource planning.

- Knowledge of the variety of procedures in production.

- Thorough knowledge of English. Thorough knowledge of MS Office. Experience in international cooperation.

- Motivated and willing, understanding and experience in cross-cultural topics, coordinating, organizing and problem-solving skills.

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