EOL Testing TRA&EHC 变速箱及其机电控制单元下线测试

Objectives of the Position
Operate transmission and EHC end of line (EOL) test benches. Improve and maintain EOL testing equipment, test methods,  testing processes and software. Adapt testing equipment and programs to new products and specifications. Implement and validate software updates. Cooperate closely with headquarters and mass production specialists in Germany and lead plant test engineers in Romania for test methods and software development. Support EOL senior specialist to fulfill department targets.

Task description
•  Operation of transmission and EHC end of line (EOL) test benches
Conduct the transmission and EHC EOL operations according to set targets (quality, volume, timing, costs). Ensure the operations are in compliance to quality, safety and environment standards and policies.
Operational staff qualification. Set up of a qualification plan for the blue collar staff and monitor implementation. Support to fulfill production plan.
• Improvement of transmission and EHC EOL testing equipment, test methods and software
Help to create local technical solutions in the area of responsibility and implement them after alignment with Senior Specialist, RM Headquarters, Sebes and Hedelfingen lead plants, mass production and PWT/VE Test Process Development Department in Germany.
Solve technical problems. Improve failure reports and root cause analysis, and, based on this, define counter measures and rework instructions for the assembly areas. Assure effectiveness of the counter measures and rework activities.
• Set up the transmission and EHC end of line (EOL) testing functionalities
Support the Senior Specialist EOL Testing Transmission and EHC and the production Managers in establishing of comprehensive processes for the EOL testing for both, transmission and EHC for NAG2, NAG3 and F-DCT (six EOL test benches in total). Set up detail plans and organize and attend equipment operating and maintenance training.
• Interact with internal departments and reporting
Close communication with MBPM internal teams/departments, GSP/RVE department, lead plant and PWT/VE Test Process Development Department.
• Process and Audit Fulfillment
Make sure all processes and activities are in line with audit requirements.

Qualification required
• Education
- Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
• Experience
- Knowledge of transmission and EHC structure, design and functionality, Software skills (high level languages).
- Be familiar with standardization, lean production systems and problem solving tools (e.g. PDCA, 8D).
- Good team player and continuous improvement awareness.
• Specific knowledge

- Good knowledge of German and English language, both spoken and written, necessary.
- Experience and skills in transmission and EHC testing area and production helpful.

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