Backend Developer

Objective of job
Backend developer will take a key role as an expert in developing customer facing functionalities including eCommerce and business software solutions through object and data modeling, database design, programming, quality assurance, and implementation support. He/she contributes as an individual or in a pair in a very agile development environment.
He/she is also required to develop rapid prototypes in cross-functional teams that ideas and innovations can be tested and improved in short iterations. he/she has vast experience as a agile Software Developer and have experience in and incremental and iterative software development (e.g. Evolutionary Design, Extreme Programming, Rapid application development or Prototyping).

Main tasks
-Create ideas and build code in e-commerce project
-Design and develop working prototypes supporting core business objectives including programming, debugging and testing
-Apply solid background and strong knowledge in IT infrastructure, system architecture, database systems, and IT systems
-Get familiar with best practices within the agile software development method
-Updates job knowledge by studying state-of-the-art development tools, programming techniques and computing equipment
-Support the team by maximizing productivity or helping the team to turn the sprint retrospective meeting into an evolutionary / Kaizen experience
-Complete tasks such as radiating Scrum artifacts to ensure efficiency
-Create own ideas, innovations & prototypes and initiate creative functions
-Coordinate and co-create other ideas
-Develop code analysis tools and refactorings

Qualification •Education -Bachelor degree or higher in computer science or engineering, software or information engineering or similar qualification -Additional Certifications over Software competencies preferred -Agile Software Development Certifications (e.g. Agile Software Developer, Scrum Master or Product Owner) preferred •Experience -5+ years experience in software development -5+ years experience in software architecture/design -Professional experience with both back end and front end programming -Working knowledge in all stages of the software development life cycle: requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and implementation. Experience in agile Software Development field -Working experience in multi-national company or multi-cultural environment •Specific Knowledge -Profound programming background and full-stack developer with high professionalism in one of the following areas and familiarity in the others 1.Professional experience with at least 2 programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP or Go 2.Professional experience with front-end technologies like modern frontend framework(bootstrap or others), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript( jQuery, AngularJS or others, etc), REST, JSON 3.Professional database management experience on at least 2 relationnal databases and 1 NoSQL database. 4.App development experience in iOS Development (Swift, ObjectC) and Android prefered 5.Experience in e-Commerce platform development (Hybris, Magento, IBM Websphere, etc) -Strong object-oriented design/programming skills. Functional programming skills preferred -Ablity to write code with good changeability, extensibility and readability -Ability to build working prototype in short period -Good command of spoken and written Chinese and minimum of basic English -Agile Development Expert and Extreme Programming/ Rapid Prototyping Experience is a plus

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