Director, Industry Policy/Regulation & New Technology

● Objective:
Evaluate current and future industy policies and regulatory framwork in regard to automotive industry landscape and development trends; provide in-depth analysis and recommendations to related business units, DGRC and EA HQ manangement. Pro-active and active lobbying for any possible business opportunities; Monitor and identify automotive technical trends and future regulatory requirements, take leading role in policy/regulation interpretation for premise setting in relation with future technology roadmap. Conduct political intelligence on macro environment and provide solid analysis on political risks; Develop sustainability strategy and manage the related projects; Ensure excellent communication with headquarter for topic alignment and support.

● Task:
Policy/regulatory  & regulatory strategy
-Provide top management with precise information on and solid analysis of automotive-related industrial policy developments in China.
-Monitor and forecast automotive policy trends and future regulatory requirements.
-Provide intelligence on policy development directions of automotive related sectors
-Lead political/regulatory premise setting for future products & technologies
-Ensure alignment with business units to determine dimensions of policy impacts

Policy/regulation lobbying
-Lead pro-active/active lobbying to safeguard corporate business and operation
-Lead internal/external alignment towards company lobbying position/strategy
-Ensure effective excution of aligned bollying plan
-Lead daily communication/exchange with authorities
-Lead implementation of joint research projects with external partners

Policy/regulation related network/contacts
Develop/maintain reliable network/contacts with industry authorities and think-tanks etc.
Organize/align proper participation in relevant industry working groups
Ensure reliable networks/contacts in the industry
Act as window person to important industry association (VDA/ACEA/CAAM etc.)

Policy interpretation and briefing
-Lead timely update to internal stakeholders on policy and regulation development
-Lead preparation of briefing and presentations for supervisor/top management
-Provide analysis on political development on regular base
-Ensure high-quality routine updates of policy/regulation development (bulletin etc.)
Project management for operational support
-Drive implementation of policy/regulation related cross-business projects
-Lead execution of policy/regulation related projects with external partners
-Act as the window person to organize DAI participation in industry meetings/conferences

 ● Education
-Elite university degree, master or doctorate preferred, international university credential is a plus

● Experience
-8-10 years in middle/senior-management positions in government agency/industry association/think-tank/MNC
-Demonstrated competence in team leadership, strategic planning and execution

● Specific knowledge
-In-depth understanding of Chinese government structure/ working mechanism/policy formulation procedures as well as automotive related industry landscape and development trends
-Outstanding strategic-thinking person with strong analytical capability 
-Exceptional interpersonal skills, superior oral and written capabilities, including strong ability to develop professional relationships with governmental stakeholders.
-Strong in project planning and execution
-Excellent English language skills both orally and in writing, German language is a plus.

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