Remarketing Pre-term Specialist 再营销专员

Task Description

- Capable of efficiently communicating with customers on lease end options and process
- Guide customer back to dealership and actively promote retention offers

- Answer all basic inquiries from customer related to lease end process and options including trade in, buyout, balloon refinance, de-mortgage etc.
- Facilitate customer complete early termination process, retain customer as more as possible, apply for waive penalty for qualified customer to improve CSI
- Manage after call work of ET and follow up signature and payment and document handling
- Escalate cases to related departments to solve customer’s complaints
- Support various remarketing related project, like process optimization & document handling, system testing and others.
- Conduct other tasks as required to support achievement of the company’s business objectives


- Excellent interpersonal skills with a strong customer-oriented mind-set;
- Tele-sales skill is preferred and auto retail experience is preferred;
- Strong pressure handling capability, especially with customer complaints;
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills in developing and designing solutions;
- Reliable and accurate in details;
- Proficient MS Office skill such as excel, PPT, etc.; CMS system operating experience preferred

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