Collection Litigation Specialist 催收诉讼专员

Task Description

Litigation Cases Handling and Collection Cases Legal Support
Handling litigation cases, monitoring litigation cases progress, working together with external law firm, push litigation sue process, follow litigation execution process, getting recovery from litigation cases.
Provide legal suggestions on single collection case settlement.

Other Lawsuit Cases Handling
Handling cases involved in other lawsuit, communicating and negotiating with the third parties, eg. other court, police, liquidation committee. claiming priority on vehicles, draft corresponding legal document.

Law Firm Management

C losely monitoring the performance of lawfirms according to the target set by department. Collecting lawfirm periodically report and promptly giving feedback on agents’ work quality.

Litigation process optimization

·         Review complaints case on monthly bases, feedback if process need to be improved                          

·         Contribute idea and take initiatives in daily work to support process optimization

·         Support process self-check task and give feedback on issues every month

·         Support to update litigation related process/manual/SOP.

·         Be involved in litigation related project to optimize litigation process.


Support of Manager  in other tasks and projects


Bachelor degree or above in Law/Finance, master degree is preferred

Legal or collection experience in a Financial Services Company, Bank, or Law firm for at least 3 years, having Legal Professional Qualification Certificate is preferred

Specific Knowledge
Strong communication and writing skills
Ability to multi-task and work independently
Strong analytical capabilities and organizational skills
Proficient MS office skills especially Excel and PowerPoint
Proficient in English and Chinese

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