Operations Assistant 运营部助理

Task Description
1. Daily secretarial support
-Organize daily work in a structured way, such as calendar management, visitor reception, internal and external meetings setup and appointments scheduling;
-Coordinate daily correspondences, such as phone call, email, post, etc.
-Support business trips arrangement, including flight booking, hotel reservation and local transportation liaison, and conduct reimbursement formalities for business trips;
-Organize Team Building activities and design the whole process to ensure an effective outcome.
2. Daily business support
-Assist with all approval requests, such as refund, memo etc., with preparation and pre-review if necessary;
-Draft department meeting agenda and topics, take meeting minutes and follow up on defined tasks;
-Lead the account review for RO/CL on various systems;
-Prepare presentation for departmental meetings, including proposing topics, discussing with supervisors on the framework, and communicate related message to management team;
-Collect and analyze data from management team and support supervisors to meet the requests;
-Regularly collect purchasing requests from teams and communicate with IPS colleagues to ensure the funding for the procurement;
-Work as point of access and attend meetings on behalf of RO/CL to deliver the company-wide message to the team;
-Prepare and review documentation for signature process;
-Maintain appropriate document filing and department T-share drive records;
3. Department administrative support and cross-functional coordination
-Facilitate communication and coordination with team members for various business needs;
-Coordinate internal process and procedure such as procurement, payment, training, and other tasks;
-Channel information within the department and organize department-level events and activities;
-Coordinate internal social medial platform for the teams and publish articles in line with business updates within the team;
-Coordinate and execute ad-hoc tasks assigned by supervisors 
4. Regulation governance
-It must be ensured that all group and location rules/regulations, guidelines and works agreements, etc.  That apply for the area of responsibility transferred are complied with or applied. In particular, these include adherence to the relevant compliance rules, safety, work safety and environmental regulations and working hour’s regulation.

- Education: Bachelor degree and above 
- Experience: 2 – 3 years working experience in multinational companies
- Specific Knowledge:
- Good communication and interpersonal skills, strong multi-tasking and problem solving abilities
- Reliable, accountable and able to work under pressure
- Excellent spoken and written English
- Advanced Microsoft Office skills

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