IT Senior Application Lead (Customer Experience) - Mercedes-Benz Japan staff position

Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd is a Japanese subsidiary wholly-owned by Daimler. It was established in 1986, which was also 100 years after Daimler and Benz invented automobiles. Mercedes-Benz Japan aims to provide the universal values of automobiles values of automotive, such as the joy of ownership and the pleasure of driving, and strives to promote the highest level of safety and environmental compatibility.
Sales and services for passenger cars of Daimler – Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-AMG and smart – are offered to the people in Japan through an authorized network of 290 sales outlets and 225 workshops throughout the nation.
1. プロジェクトマネジメント 2. プロジェクト管理手法にのっとったプロジェクトマネジメント
3. 中規模から大規模のプロジェクトマネジメントができること
4. ステークホルダーへの適切なコミュニケーション
5. 定期的なプロジェクト報告
6. プロジェクトメンバーの管理

7. システム変更の提案と実装 8. ユーザーの要件と本社要件、IT動向を考慮したITソリューションの提案
9. ITソリューションの提案並びに実装

10. サービスデリバリー、オペレーション 11. 変更案件の実装
12. インシデントマネジメント

13. IT戦略の立案 14. IT中長期計画の立案
15. 予算計画

16. ベンダーマネジメント 17. パフォーマンス管理


Information Technology department executes and delivers in all aspects of IT changes. All changes are implemented with strategic and operational alignment of local and Daimler regional requirements.
The successful candidate will be leading IT projects from initiation, requirement analysis, development, User Acceptance Test to Hand over of operation to users. We can work with outside venders, other department staffs and supporters.
The successful candidate will also provide IT consulting services for business users throughout the project. They will, on daily bases, handle change requests and demands from users, identify the requirements and effectively propose system solutions in a timely and precise manner.

Tasks of this position:
0. Project & Product Management
- Take responsibility to ensure adequate outcomes for the projects in line with business objectives.
- Choose the correct PM methodology (Waterfall/Agile) in accordance with the objectives.
- Manage the CategoryA&B project in accordance with Daimler PM  methodology.
- Communicate and manage the expectation from each stakeholder.
- Report the project by using Daimler Standard System.
- Lead project members, vendors and supporters to accomplish the project goal in each of the project phases.
0. Demand Management & Solution Design
- Research future business demand and IT trend to prepare the best fit solution for Sales & Customer Services business domain.
- Design IT solutions based on the business demand and align with Daimler Standard requirements.
- Establish, communicate, and lead decision making process of implementation.
0. Service Delivery & Operation
- Supervise and support the person in charge and/or IT partners who are responsible for IT Delivery in terms of software change, from business process point of view.
- Track the status of major incidents and drive resolution.
- Analyze root cause of critical incidents, then define and implement the fix together with responsible vendor.
0. IT Strategy & Planning
- Prepare and deliver input for the strategic midterm IT plan in collaboration and in line with the business strategic objectives, the IT mission, and the application landscape vision.
- Finalize strategic plan together with supervisor, and breakdown into yearly based one with budget planning.
0. Sourcing & Supplier Management
- Evaluate the performance of suppliers together with supervisor.
- Manage suppliers to achieve a good performance in the low cost in accordance with sourcing strategy according to the supervisor’s instruction.  

1. 職務経験 2. 大学卒業以上
3. プロジェクトマネジメント資格
4. プロジェクトマネジメント経験(5年以上)
5. システムデザイン、実装経験(5年以上)
6. システム開発、運用経験(5年以上)
7., カスタマー・エクスペリエンス、カスタマージャーニーのビジネスプロセス(デジタル・タッチポイント、オンライン・エクスペリエンス、顧客情報マネジメント、キャンペーン管理等)に関する経験(5年以上)

8. 技術 9. インフラストラクチャー(PC、ネットワーク、サーバー)に関する知識
10. 少なくとも1つのプログラム言語に関する知識
11. データベースの知識(SQL言語、データベースのバックアップ、復元等)
12. SAPの知識
13. エクセル、ワード、パワーポイントの知識
14. DevOps/RPA/リリースマネジメントの知識
15. 英語:ビジネスレベル(TOEIC:700点)
16. 日本語:ネイティブレベル

17. 能力 18. 変化を進めるための戦略的な思考
19. 論理的思考、傾聴力

0. Education & Work experience
- Diploma / Master / Bachelor degree in university of System Engineering, Information Technology, or other relevant discipline
- Project Management / ITIL / Scrum Certification
- At least 5 years’ experience in project management
- At least 5 years’ experience in architecture design & implementation
- At least 5 years’ experience in application development  and/or IT operation
- At least 5 years’ Customer Experience/ Customer Journey business process related experience (Digital Touch Point, Online Experience, Customer Data Management, Segmentation/Targeting for Campaign etc.)
0. Technical Knowledge
- Knowledge of IT infrastructure (PC, Network, Server, etc.) and IT technical architecture
- Knowledge of at least one program language
- Knowledge of database (SQL language, database backup, restoration and other maintenance)
- Knowledge of SAP
- Excellent knowledge of excel and intermediate knowledge of word, and power point
- DevOps / RPA / Release Management Knowledge is highly desired
- Business level English Skill (TOEIC: over 700)
- Native Level Japanese Skill
0. Competencies
- Strategic and innovative thinking to drive changes
- Knowledge of logical thinking and active listening

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