DGRC_MP China_Supplier Quality China

Conduct Quality Planning and Problem Resolution activities with the local supply base. Specialist will conduct source evaluations, manage and control supplier development, guide suppliers in quality activities and perform process audits.
Coordinate and perform first sampling with suppliers, if necessary with 3rd party testing laboratories for new and/or changed parts according defined requirements.
Coordinate with Engineering, Purchasing, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mercedes Car Group. Conduct special tasks and maintain IT-Systems.
Task description
·Correlation and collaboration with peers and Commodity Groups.
·Prepare relevant data and support SPRP reporting; contribute to CIP.
Supplier Evaluation and Release/ ABC Classification of Parts
·Prepare and participate in source evaluations. Plausibility check and verification of development measures together with audit leader and, if necessary with 3rd parties.
Supplier Development/ Tier-n Management
·Support supplier development and work with suppliers, and if necessary with tier-n suppliers, on advanced quality planning for selected projects;
·Support problem resolution activity at the supplier when quality issues arise.
Preventive Supplier and Maturity Management/ FMEAs
·Plan, organize and conduct “Round Tables” with cross functional team for early identification of maturity level problems through mandatory and active involvement of suppliers. Assessment of quality-related parameters along the product creation process and result communication.
·Review and release of supplier’s FMEAs with support from Engineering. Control implementation of defined corrective measures and monitor their effectiveness together with suppliers.
Production Process and Product Release
·Planning, co-ordination and execution of processes audits as a responsible lead auditor. Issuance of the audit report. Based on audit findings, controlling of necessary improvement measures and appropriate implementation, as well as the effectiveness measuring of corrective actions. If necessary, re-auditing of supplier’s processes.
·Set up sampling schedule and get supplier’s commitment for defined milestones. Suggest sampling features. Monitor first out of series tooling produced parts where necessary. Perform, and if necessary coordinate external, sampling for dimensions and material properties according MBST 13. Coordinate with Engineering functional and performance tests and compile all relevant documents.
Q3.0 Series Production / MQI
·According to Q3.0 concept
·Report part readiness for launch to management team.
·Specialist for production issues
·Provide lessons learned from current running series to improve future projects
·During the development phase coordinate the product quality requirements
·Act as MQI (Module Quality Engineer) role for RD China designed parts
·Part release for aftersales parts
·Part release for export business

·Bachelors Degree in Engineering required, Masters Degree preferred
·Quality (auditor) accreditation/certification preferred
·Minimum of 2 years automotive industry (or comparable) experience, quality and manufacturing experience preferred
·Experience in PPAP requirements (i.e. Control Plan, FMEA, etc.)
·Proven capabilities in problem solving
Specific Knowledge
·Written and spoken command of English; German preferable.
·Interpersonal and problem solving skills, team orientation are necessary along with computer competency, e.g. MS Office applications and Lotus Notes.
·ISO/TS16949, VDA 6.3

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